Saturday, May 28, 2011


Hello all - James McCaffry & I have been friends since the early 70's. I most recently spoke with him the weekend before his departure. He was,in almost every sense,a brother to me,though I have several of my 'own'. While I was so very saddened by this event,in reflection I am glad that he was not one who had to endure a long suffering.
I am one of very few friends from his Edmonton era that made the wish to visit him in San Fransisco a reality,but that was way back in 79/80,arriving just before New Years eve' ['79]and leaving about the third in January['80],having a most incredible time and left thinking I'd make it there again some day. Oh well,too late now,as far as seeing him there goes at least. I have now had a bit of a chat with Robin,Doug and Gloria,and also Colleen Murtha. We are shocked,but his Mom[Gloria] re-affirmed the sense of gladness that his 'exit' was a quick one. I'll have other thoughts on this,and I have a couple of photos James did of some Yukon rocks I sent him last Christmas/Solstice time,doing a bit of the wonderful magic he could do so well with a camera.
He was a very special guy,very talented,loved animals & in his own way REALLY LOVED LIFE ... A THING i HOPE TO FIND/MAKE THE TIME TO CELEBRATE IN HIS NAME !
My thoughts are with you all at Baker Beach,amidst the tears I hope there is also some laughter ...
'bye James,love ya bro' !!

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